Champanath Temple, Narsinghpur , Champeswar


Champath Temple 1

Champanath temple is one of the best tourist place in Cuttack, Badamba Narasinghpur. The famous Shiva Peetha, Champanath of Champeshwar is very much popular in Narasinghpur Cuttack Odisha.

The special thing is tortoise. There is a pond on that temple gallery & there are many tortoises are playing. You will love that place after watching tortoise groups, fish groups & that tortoise like to eat biscuits.

The priests of this Champanath temple are not Bramhins. Rather, it has been tradition to appoint priests from lower castes in this Champanath temple for a very long time.
Champanathadeva temple  1000years Ancient Shiva sanctuary in the town of champeswara, Narasinghpur, Cuttack Odisha, named after the god.

In this Champanatha deva temple gallery the Shiva lingam is west-bound in problematic to east-bound lingams in Hindu custom. The sanctuary complex is encircled with other eightsmall Shiva sanctuaries (Astashambhu), the sanctuaries has a lake that is home of huge number of turtle and fish.

There is a pond in the temple premises which is home for INDIAN SOFTSHELL TURTLE alongside assortments of Cichlids fish, Rohu fish, Catla fish (Bhakur). 

Location:  C5M5+75P, Champeswar, Badamba, Narasinghpur, Odisha 754037


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